Goodbye… for now.


Or should I say:

Dwindling Readers,

Due to your lack of interest I have decided to suspend postings on my blog.  I have watched, sadly, as my readership has died off, and I fear that my talents are being wasted on too few to continue.

I feel like I am writing to myself, and I don’t need to do that.  I know what I’m thinking and doing already. 

So, my blogging time will now be divvied up as follows:

More exercise,

More reading, and

More time to lavish on my children and my gorgeous boyfriend.

See ya!

Mallory Layne


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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7 Responses to Goodbye… for now.

  1. Susan H says:

    Please do not discontine your blog. I am a big fan of it. I found it accidentially and I read it everyday. You are a very talented writer. Your movie and restaurant reviews have been very helpful to me.Your outlook on life is very positive. You have been a real motivator for me. I am an Ex-Upper East Sider and miss New York a lot, your blog brought me back to my great memories of my life there. I urge you not to let people who hate your blog discourage you from doing something you love and enjoy. Anyone who would negatively comment about a blog is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Please keep up the blog and write whatever you want. One final note, your boyfriend,children,father and friends are lucky to have you I can tell that just by reading about you. A lot comes out about a person when they write. You have the ability to inspire and influence others and it would be great if you write a book. If you continue your blog I will post the link on my facebook page.

    • mallorylayne says:

      Hi Susan! Thank you so much for you very kind note!!! I truly appreciate it and will think about it. Surprisingly, when I told my daughter today that I was stopping the blog she was quite upset about it and is also encouraging me to continue. Knowing that some people are enjoying it makes me feel differently. It is just depressing to see my numbers dwindling when I feel that I am starting to find my voice. Also, thank you for offering to post my blog on your FB. I guess if a few people did that my numbers would go up and then we could all be happy.

      • Susan H says:

        I will post your blog on facebook at night when I get home from work. I do not use facebook at work but I am on it at home. My facebook friends read everything I post. You are too good a writer to blow something good. You are a realtor and I sure you have had slow months right? Did you quit your job? I doubt very much you would, so think of your blog the same way. You can email me privately for ideas. It takes time and you are still new to this.

  2. Aw. As one of those who is still here, I’m sorry to see this. It does take a lot of time, though–time, as you’ve noted, that could be spent doing things with those beloved!

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