Where’s My Happy Light?

My Happy Light is spending the Spring/Summer/Fall at Manhattan Mini Storage.  Now I miss her! Why, oh why, did I put her away so soon? I’ll tell you why… because I actually believed that it was Spring, but clearly it isn’t.

It’s rainy. 

It’s grey. 

It’s cold!

I am not thinking of wearing white right now.  I am actually regretting having sent my furs to storage two weeks ago, because I’m freezing!

The world didn’t end this weekend as many had predicted, but something bad is coming.  Otherwise it would be warm and sunny by now, right? NYC is like one of those futuristic films where the world has ended but there are a few survivors lurking around and looking for food and other survivors.  That’s how I am feeling now. 

It’s May 23rd and I think we’ve had two nice days this year.  Something is not adding up. 

I think the world is about the explode.

I think I live in Alaska.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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