My Son is Fifteen Today

Today is my son’s fifteenth birthday.  May 20th, 2011.  He was supposed to be born on May 31st.  As a working mom with a serious corporate job at the time, I wanted to take June, July and August off for maternity leave, so I planned to have him on June 1st.  When I found out that my due date was May 31st I was so happy! I knew how difficult it was for so many people to get pregnant at all, and here I had done it on schedule, just like I had with my daughter.

My son did not want to wait until May 31st.  He was a very feisty baby inside of my stomach.  He kicked and kicked and kicked.

“Mommy,” he seemed to be saying, “get me out of here already!”

My stomach hurt so much from the inside out that I decided to free him ahead of schedule — eleven days to be exact.  It screwed up my maternity leave a tad, but I was so happy to welcome him into the world.  He was quite small: six pounds and seven ounces, nineteen inches.  He was thin, with chicken legs and arms.  He did not have a lot of hair.

He was absolutely gorgeous… stunning beyond belief.

As a baby people would stop us on the street and in restaurants and shops and say, “What a beautiful baby! He should be on television!” He really was adorable, and he still is, at age fifteen.

More importantly, my son is:



Incredibly smart,

A gifted athlete, focusing primarily on tennis now,

A really good chess player (who knew?),


Affectionate, and


My son can be whatever he wants to be (well, forget a singer… that is out of the question!!!).  He is curious and diligent and a hard worker when he wants to achieve something.

As a toddler he was frightened of rides at carnivals.  Even the tiniest ride scared him (I am the exact same way).  I put him on a teeny little ride one day at a children’s carnival.  The ride started and as it began to spin around I saw his expression change from one of happiness to one of pure fear.  He was screaming, tears running down his face.

“Stop the ride!” I begged the operator.  “Please, stop it right now! My son is terrified!!!”

They stopped the ride and I lifted him out of it.  I dried his wet cheeks with my shirt.

“It’s okay honey,” I told him.  “No more rides.  Mommy hates rides too.”

Now he rides the biggest roller coasters in the world without fear.  He has to go alone if he is just with me, because I am still terrified.  Even Merry-Go-Rounds make me nauseous.

When he learned that his aunt had Stage 3 breast cancer he ran right over to her home to comfort her and he provided her with love and support throughout her treatments and surgeries.  He has a heart of gold.

I love you honey.  You are the best boy in the whole wide world.  I am so proud to have you as my son.

Happy birthday and many, many more! Steak on Sunday.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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