Birthed Them? Then Love Them.

If you decide to have a baby, it is your obligation to take care of them and love them or else give them up for adoption and let someone else do it.  Children do not ask to be brought onto this planet, and if you cannot provide them with the love and guidance that they deserve and need in order to grow up as responsible and thriving adults then don’t do it! Or, if you have to, let somebody who wants a baby have them instead.

You cannot expect a child to be born and then to know what to do.  You must guide them, teach them, adore them, cherish them.

I am speaking of some children that I know who have been born and then basically left to their own devices (and millions of others that I don’t know but are out there somewhere).  They are children! They don’t know what to do on their own, no matter how smart, beautiful and talented they might be.  I wish I could gather some of these children up and help them, but I am trying to take care of the two that I chose to have.

Use birth control or grow up and take care of these innocent little children! This is not an easy planet to navigate (not that I have any other planets to compare it to) so put on your GPS and steer them to safety.


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2 Responses to Birthed Them? Then Love Them.

  1. Seconded. It breaks my heart to look at Li’l D and know there are kids out there who either aren’t loved as much as he is–by me and others–and as much as they and deserve to be, or that they don’t know they are because objective indicators don’t make it clear. I am so far from without fault, but the same could be said of my mom. Still, you know what I remember? How ferocious was her love, even when she messed up. No matter what, she guided us and loved us above all, and that’s what remains with me fourteen months after her body ceased functioning. I hope my son will say the same someday.

  2. Jeff Schweon says:

    did something happen that caused you to write this?

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