Sonja Morgan is Saying Too Much…

First Jill couldn’t stop talking too much, causing her a lot of misery and the loss of her best friend, Bethenny Frankel.  (Bethenny, the smart housewife who milked $120 million plus out of being on the show and got out relatively unscathed.)

Ramona has never been able to stop herself from saying whatever pops into her brain.  She has offended anyone and everyone, even poor young women interviewing to be her Assistant’s Assistant.  Her poor daughter must have the thickest skin on the planet.

Then came Alex.  First she was shy and feeling insecure driving in from Brooklyn to city events, or driving out to the Hamptons.  She was trying so hard to climb the social ladder that she kept pretty quiet.  That changed mid-season last year though, and she can’t still her tongue.  She has been burning bridges like crazy too.  Thank goodness she has Simon by her side and watching her back or she would be in the loony bin.

And now, apparently, it’s Sonja Morgan’s turn.  When Sonja was the newest Housewife of New York City she was kind to everybody.  She was a bit cheeky about herself, talking about her sex life and her sexual needs… really anything sex related.  It was kind of gross, but at least she was being nice to everybody and not getting involved in all of the drama surrounding her.

Enter Cindy.

Now that Sonja has a newer housewife to be the shy one, she has become way too outspoken and outrageous.  She fell off a horse after riding recklessly as Kelly’s guest in the Hamptons, horrifying Kelly.  “I’ve fallen off many horses,” she bragged, making light of the seriousness of her actions.

“I don’t go to Quogue,” she stated at a cocktail party at Luann’s house, when Cindy mentioned a party that she is throwing in Quogue. 


I don’t go to Quogue either, but I wouldn’t say that to somebody who had just invited me to their party there.  And, really, if a good friend invited me to something in Quogue I would certainly make an exception to not going if I could.  I realize that the editors are trying to make this show interesting, but if the women allow themselves to be taped while saying these ridiculous things they really shouldn’t cry when they are made out to look ridiculous and catty when the shows air.



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