Next French President a Rapist?

What is it with men? Do they all think that the sight of their naked bodies are enough to entice any woman alive to have sex with them? Well, apparently that’s what Dominique Strauss-Kahn was thinking when he sexually attacked a chambermaid at the Sofitel earlier this week.

Here’s how it supposedly went down:

She was cleaning his suite,

He got undressed (not a pretty sight I’m sure based on his photographs while clothed),

He approached her,

He sexually attacked her,

She ran away,

He dragged her down the hallway and into the bathroom,

He sexually attacked her again, and

She escaped.  (Yes! You go girl!!!)

The man is married, though that hasn’t kept him from cheating before.  However, there’s a big difference between cheating with a woman who consents than physically and sexually attacking an employee in a hotel.

He’s the head of the I.M.F.  (that’s the International Monetary Fund).

He was about to announce his plans to run for President of France.  So, why couldn’t he keep his clothes on and his hands tied to his sides? If he really wanted to cheat couldn’t he hire a prostitute or find somebody at the hotel bar? I mean really — who attacks a chambermaid and expects to get away with it.  Mr. Strauss-Kahn is a Socialist so you would think he would have some more respect for a hotel housekeeper.

Now what Dominique? Was it worth it? You didn’t even get anywhere.  Pathetic.  Come on guys.  Keep it in your pants already.


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