Sir Paul McCartney To Wed

Hurrah! Sir Paul McCartney has popped the question for the third time.  Luckily, the lovely Nancy Shevell has said yes.

Paul McCartney is a winner through and through.  Devoted husband to his first wife Linda, he slipped after her death and married a horrible golddigger — none other than Heather Mills.  We had to love the fact that he overlooked her having only one leg, and we were thrilled when she went on to give birth to baby Beatrice.  Then, sadly, she raped, pillaged and stole whatever she could get her little claws into (I am definitely exaggerating here, but that’s called poetic license I think).  She also lied, trying to make Dear Paul look like a terrible monster, which we all knew to be impossible.

Happy days are here again! Paul found love a la Linda.  He and Nancy have been spotted around the world for the past four years, looking very happy as clams (weird saying!) and  madly in love.  Remember what I have written before: love comes to those who wait! Don’t settle.  Remember, it took me 47 years to find my true love — 49 for him.

Like Paul and Nancy, we, too, are:

Blissfully matched,

Happy as clams,

Snug as two bugs in a rug.

Long live Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell! It took him 64 years to find her (he’s 68 now), 47 for her (now 51).  Yes, Paul had true love before (and perhaps she did too… I’m not really familiar with what happened with her ex, though I know she has a son in college), but now they are together and can live until their old age hand in hand.

And by the way… Paul looks amazing for 68! If he’s anything like my 79 year old dad he will be keeping his bride-to-be satisfied for years and years to come.



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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