Will Smith’s In My Parking Space

Last night after shooting pool with my boyfriend and a friend of ours, we went to our garage to park our car.  Guess what we found? Both of Will Smith’s trailers, parked smack in the middle of our parking lot!

They are still there.  My dog Grandpa and I just went over to check.  Monthlies are outlining the lot, with the two 53′ trailers taking center stage.  No sign of Will though.  His guys let us look inside — one is a gym and the other is living quarters, but I already knew that because I saw the bit on the Today show this morning.  Someone I work with was interviewed.  Soho residents were up in arms over the trailers being parked on the narrow shopping/residential blocks near West Broadway, so they moved them West, closer to my place.

These trailers are big.  Our friend noted that they were bigger than his apartment, and this is certainly the case for many New Yorkers.  He is paying the price though so we really shouldn’t complain.  We need the money to continue to help our city fluorish, right? I mean who else can afford to contribute to our vastly improved parks?

I’m not going to complain.  They’re pretty cool actually.  I took a few photos to show my son because I think he’ll like them.  Too bad he’s in school right now or I would take him over for a workout.  The guys said we could use the gym since nobody else is. 

Weightlighting anyone?


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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