When is Enough Enough? And Babies in the Garbage

Why do people keep getting put in prison for their greedy illegal behaviors? Why can’t a billion dollars be enough, or even a hundred million? I mean really… how much better can your lifestyle be once you reach a certain level?

Bernie Madoff — perfect example.  A man who had everything money could buy, plus a devoted wife and sons who adored him.  His ponzi scheming has left him living out his life in prison, his wife Ruth a social outcast, his eldest son Mark dead by suicide, leaving behind his wife Stephanie with their two young children, only two and four years old, too young to have ever really known him.

Was it worth it Bernie?

I mean really…

Now Raj Rajaratnam has been found guilty of all fourteen counts for which he was being tried.  He is facing up to 19-1/2 years in prison for fraud and conspiracy.  Mr. Rajaratnam was a prominent billionaire hedge fund executive.  Why did he have to play dirty? Did he need an entire fleet of private jets? Once you have two I would think you would be satisfied… a small one for quick and a sleeper with more seats for an international or business journey.

I hope that our children will learn something from all of these convicted criminals.  Success is a great thing if that is what you are seeking, but not at the cost of your life and the lives of those around you.  Also, what about all of the people who are hurt by your actions even once you have been imprisoned? Think of all the older people who were planning their retirements on their Madoff earnings, and are now barely making ends meet, if that.  No amount of jail time can make up for this.

 And in other news… on the news today I saw that a newborn baby was thrown in a garbage pail yesterday.  The baby has been found and is in critical condition.  Add to that a toddler who fell out of a fourth story window.  This stuff happens all the time.  You would be amazed.  Get window guards if you have children! Don’t throw your babies in the garbage.  If you don’t want your precious little children there are plenty of people who do.  The world is insane! People are dying to have babies and can’t, and then people who have them literally throw them in the garbage. 

What is wrong with this picture?


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One Response to When is Enough Enough? And Babies in the Garbage

  1. PanicMonster says:

    greed is a horrible thing…

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