The Dutch – Restaurant Review

Yay for The Dutch.  It is fabulous and right in my ‘hood.  How cool to own Laconda Verde and now this (yes, they have other places too, but these two are incredible!). 

The Dutch just opened recently.  It is where the Cub Room used to be, on the corner of Prince and Sullivan (131 Sullivan to be exact). 

The Dutch is:


Huge, and

Very noisy (that was a drawback, but we were sitting in the bar room which is definitely the noisiest area).

The Dutch has:

Delicious food,

Great ambiance/decor, and

Great service.

The menu has a lot of meats and seafood, especially rawbar.  Some of the best things are:


Fried chicken,

Veal with artichoke hearts and peppers, and

The Devil’s Food Cake, which deserves a category by itself.

The french fries are the best that I have ever tasted.  Sorry McDonald’s and Estancia 460; I have never had a more delicious fry in my life.  They are shoestrings.  They are crispy outside but soft inside.  Perfectly salted.

Next time I eat at The Dutch I want the french fries and the Devil’s Food Cake.  Nothing else.  If I do it that way maybe I won’t have to do a triple workout the following morning like I do today.  I’m still full but it was 100% worth it.

We love The Dutch! Andrew Carmellini is fantastic! This is just what Soho needed.

Two very, very enthusiastic thumb’s up.


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