Where Do We Put “Things”?

I am not a hoarder… far from it.  One of the reasons I love to move is so that I can throw away or give away stuff that I haven’t seen or used since I moved in. 

We crave storage.  We want homes with huge basements, apartments with free storage bins.  We spend money every month to keep things locked up at Manhattan Mini Storage or similiar places. 

Why? Will we ever use this “stuff” again?

I totally “get” it if it’s a transitional time.  For example, you just sold your country house but you are going to buy another one within a year.  Then of course it makes sense to take a storage unit and keep your furniture there for a year, rather than giving it away or selling it for pennies on the dollar and then having to buy it all over again. 

I would bet that if a Manhattan Mini Storage survery was conducted we would learn that most stuff in storage is never picked up or visited or used again.  A good friend of mine had three storage bins when I met him.  He was not a rich guy, and he was paying a decent chunk of change for them collectively.

“What’s in them?” I asked him.

“A queen sized mattress,” he replied.  “Files.  Every photo I have ever taken.”  (He’s a photographer by the way.)

“When’s the last time you looked at any of those photos?” I probed.

“Never,” he said. “But I can’t get rid of them.  I might need them one day.”

Hello! This is why storage places can afford ads all over the city.  People are afraid to get rid of things.  I have news for you…

There’s always more stuff out there,

If you haven’t worn it in two years you probably never will,

“Things” don’t make you happy.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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