My Good Day

Today was a good day.

Woke up early.

Hung out with my children a little, and actually saw my boyfriend before he left for work.

Drove my son to school.

Took a gorgeous run along the Hudson River Park.  Sang aloud.  Got a lot of weird stares.  I must have been singing loudly, and certainly badly.

Showed my apartment to a man who owns 97 motorcycles.  He hangs at The Ear on Tuesday nights, obviously.  It’s a great place to show off your bike, and he has many to show.  His girlfriend only had one bike, a Ducati.  I asked her if that was a real motorcycle or a scooter and I think I offended her.  I must have been confusing a Ducati with a Vespa, but I honestly didn’t think a Ducati was a real motorcycle.  Live and learn, live and learn.

Next I was interviewed by the most adorable reporter from The New York Times for the feature that my apartment is going to have in their new real estate column in a few weekends.  He looked like a cuter John Krasinski, and we had a very nice chat.

Board package next — yuck — but a necessary evil in my business.  Did ride my bike up to the office so that was nice. 

Then rode up to the Catherine Malandrino sample sale, where I purchased a really nice leather skirt and a great summer top.  Love sample sales! On the way up I realized that I was passing my friend Al’s place, so I rang him up and bought him his first green iced tea at Grey Dog.  In Winter I would never ring someone up spontaneously.  I would rush home to get under the covers.  Yay Spring!

Ta da. 

Now I am waiting for my boyfriend to come home and we are off for a few days out of the city with our dog Grandpa.  No children until Sunday night for Mother’s Day.  Love my children, but love time alone with my man too.  I will milk it.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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