Name This Baby

Today I met an adorable family.  The dad was named Flash.  Yes, Flash.  That was his first name.

They had an adorable little baby, only two weeks old.  I love little babies so much!

“How old is he?” I asked about the little baby who was wearing a grey cap and in a blue snuggly.

“She’s two weeks old,” her mother said.

“Oh, a girl,” I said, somewhat embarrassed.  “The grey and blue threw me off.  What’s her name?”

“Hudson,” the mother said.

Now I was really confused.

“Oh, Hudson.  I haven’t heard that for a girl before.  Very cute.”

I kept referring to this adorable baby as a boy for the next fifteen minutes.  Seriously, I am coming down with a case of senile dementia.  I know better, but I could not stop calling Hudson “he”.  Please mothers… dress your children in gender appropriate colors for aging people like me who suffer from early Alzheimer’s or some such thing. 

Pink for girls. 

Blue for boys.

If you can’t put your girl in pink please put a headband or little barrette in her hair, if she has any.  If not, you can glue one on.  It’s quite helpful.

The couple had two other children.  Names? A girl named London.  A boy named Lion.  Hmmm… I didn’t meet those two, but really… London could go either way right? Lion? Sounds a bit more masculine, but I don’t know any other Lion’s.

Gwyneth and Chris — you have met your matches!


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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