Who Needs Closets?

So I’m up at the crack of dawn (actually I think it was still dark out when I first awoke) thinking about that darn Jean Nouvel apartment again!


No storage,

No bike room,

Tiny gym,

Not near any transportation,

Not near any grocery stores, cleaners, pharmacies… any stores whatsoever,

Virtually no storage space in the apartment’s bedroom closets, bathrooms, or kitchen.


Incredible views!!!

Everything is new (I love new),

Close to Artichoke Basille’s Pizza.

So who cares if the negatives outweigh the positive, it’s all relative anyway, isn’t it? Maybe living near Artichoke Pizza is much more important to me than never riding my bike again.

Hmmm… who cares about “stuff” anyway? I will sit at my Vitsoe unit (since there will be no room for my desk) and look out the windows all day long.

I will order Fresh Direct every day since there’s no room to store any food.

I will do laundry four times a day since the washer/dryer are teeny.

I won’t ride my bike any more because there’s no bicycle storage.  I will have to give my bikes away along with all of my books, music (save for an ipod which is quite small), shoes and clothing.

I will live a simple life, looking out of my windows.

What do you think?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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