Au Revoir Jean Nouvel

Well, the voice of reason (namely, my father) talked me out of the apartment at 100 Eleventh Avenue.  I am happy to sell it to any of my readers though… just let me know right away before someone else snatches it up.  It is a GOOD VALUE and a very, very sexy pad.  I promise you that.

I weighed the pros. 

I weighed the cons.

I asked everyone I know what they thought.

I lost sleep.

Now I am getting under the covers in my beautiful apartment, with my children and my dog, and relaxing.  Even on this awful rainy day it isn’t so bad here in May.  Now if it had been late January or any time in February I just may have signed contracts today, but I can live through Spring, Summer and Fall here in Western Soho, with my lovely flowering garden outside all of my windows.

Thanks Daddy.  Sometimes Father Knows Best, you know? And believe me, that apartment is right up my dad’s alley.  He loves sleek, modern, stark, minimal, water views.  He’s the one who turned me onto modern many many moons ago.  I love you Daddy.  I miss Mommy by the way.  It’s almost Mother’s Day, which makes me sad.  I mean, I’m happy to be a mother, but I am sad that I don’t have mine any more.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s seventeenth birthday.  And life is a process, a circle, perpetual motion.  I will move somewhere, someday.  Just not right now.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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