Location, Location, View?

You know what they say about real estate:

“Location, location, location.”

The question I am asking myself again today is:

“View, view, view?”

Yes, I am still obsessing about the 8th floor apartment at 100 Eleventh Avenue.  Yes, this is the apartment that I said should not house children or people who really plan to live there.  However, my real estate gut is good, and my gut says that this is a good, solid buy.  Not only that, living there would be incredible! I’m telling you — the views are incredible.

These views can never be obstructed as they face directly across to the Hudson River.  Unless the West Side Highway is turned into high rise condominiums I would have nothing to worry about.  Next to the ocean in Malibu I can’t really imagine a more breathtaking sight.

So guess what? I’m going back to see it again this afternoon.  This time I’m bringing my son… he is my voice of reason.  If he says to buy it I’m going to.

Stay tuned.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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