“The House of Blue Leaves” Review

Last night we saw “The House of Blue Leaves” on Broadway.  We went because I am in love with Edie Falco, and she’s one of the stars, playing Bananas Shaughnessy.  She was great, as always.  She plays a role that is quite different from her television roles, yet she pulls it off splendidly.  She is, as I have said before, a true star.

Ben Stiller had appeared in the show as the son Ronnie Shaughnessy in 1986, and now stars as the principal character, Ronnie’s father, Artie Shaughnessy.  Interesting fact, right? He was fabulous!

The other major role, that of Bunny Flingus, was played by Jennifer Jason Leigh who was also great.  I chose the show for the actors and did not make a mistake there.  Bunny may make you crazy as a character, but Jason Leigh delivers.

The smaller roles — and there are several — are also acted well, particularly the three nuns and Corrinna Stroller as a budding Hollywood movie star whose career is cut short when an accident on set leaves her deaf.  I guess it was harder to be a deaf movie star before Marlee Matlin paved the way, and even her roles have been extremely limited.

The show takes place in 1965, in Queens.  A lot goes on in a very short period of time, namely the day that the Pope is visiting New York to try to put an end to the war in Vietnam.  Actually, more happens during the single day that this show spans than most people live through over the course of many years.  It is a show though so we can forgive it that.

I liked it.  My companions were less enthralled, though at the end of the evening we concurred that we give it three thumbs up, though two of the thumbs are less enthusiastic than mine.

The moral of the show (in my humble opinion):

Everybody is insane!


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