Where to Raise Children in NYC

Today was the Tribeca Film Festival’s street fair down in Tribeca.  Walking through (very, very slowly due to thousands of strollers, carriages, and very little people walking) the fair reminded me of all the years when I lived in Tribeca while my children were young. 

In 1993, when I bought my first Manhattan home (a loft in Tribeca) I was pregnant with my daughter.  It was a perfect place to raise a family.  Here are some of the reasons:

Large apartments for less money than in many other neighborhoods,

A great little park called The Washington Market Park, which hosted events including a fantastic Halloween Parade and party every year,

The Yaffa’s fair — truly bizarre, but cool.  Yaffa would hatch hundreds of thousands of lady bugs and release them onto the streets,

The Hudson River Park, which was great for taking runs with baby joggers in front, or bike rides with baby seats behind,

Great pre-schools, including Washington Market School, which both of my children attended for three years each,

P.S. 234, a fabulous public elementary school which both of my children attended,

Cute children’s classes, including ballet and gymnastics,

Lots of other families with little children!

Today, Tribeca continues to be a mecca for young families.  Some of the changes since we moved there are:

The addition of P.S. and I.S. 89,

An Equinox, a Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, and a Bed, Bath and Beyond,

A lot more apartment buildings, and no longer at good values.  Tribeca is now one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city,

Huge improvements to The Hudson River Park, including a new children’s playground, miniature golf, a new skate park and volleyball,

Fewer parking spaces, and

Lots more people.

As a mom and a realtor, though, I still recommend Tribeca as one of the best places to have and raise your babies and young children.  There is a real sense of community down there, and it’s a lot more loaded with amenities than it used to be.  The schools have gotten crowded, but they’re adding more, including 8 Spruce, which is opening in the fall.

Now that my children are teens though, I’m happy to be a block North of Tribeca.  There are almost too many babies down there for my taste now.  Could be that I’m feeling a tad old down there…


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