Who Cares About the Royal Wedding?

Honestly, who cares about the royal wedding?

We’re Americans, and even as Americans, I don’t recall us ever watching an American wedding with such fanfare.  I know we don’t have a future king and queen, but really… we don’t even live in England! Why is this on all day?

It’s on every major television station! Is there no “news” to report? I find it mind boggling that this will be on U.S. major t.v. networks all day today!

Thankfully we have NY1, a news channel that does not feel obsessed with screening the wedding, so we can actually find out important things, like what our weather will be today and over the weekend.

I must admit I watched for 30 seconds and Kate is looking mighty skinny.  Her face is not even recognizable any more.  If I didn’t know that she was the one in the white lacy dress with the very long train I would have been confused.  I hope this doesn’t mean that she will be following in Princess Di’s anorexic footsteps.

Okay, Kate and William married.  Can we watch something else now?


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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