Edie Falco is a True Star

We are a bit behind on Nurse Jackie, and we are milking every episode because we love it so much. 

Edie Falco is incredible as Jackie.  Actually, she is incredible in everything she does.  In the finale of Season 2, which we just watched last night, watching her face in the bathroom mirror after her husband and best friend have staged a mini-intervention in her home, her facial expressions is incredible.  She never misses a beat.  Her final words,

“Blow me!”

could not be spoken better by any actor on the planet.

I have watched Edie Falco on Broadway (naked actually), on Oz, The Sopranos, and now Nurse Jackie.  She is a truly talented star. 

“Nurse Jackie” is also one of the most brilliant shows on television.  Showtime continues to produce incredibly high quality writing, filming and acting, and “Nurse Jackie” is way up there on my list. 

Other stellar performances on Nurse Jackie include Merritt Wever, as Zoey.  She has blossomed as a performer as her character’s personality has unfolded, and she is a pure joy to watch.  Also, Anna Deavere Smith, as Gloria, is hysterical and flawless.  Overall the cast is fabulous, but these are a few of my personal favorites. 

If you haven’t been watching Nurse Jackie it is available on Showtime on Demand and you are in for a serious treat.  Forget going to the movies… this is way better and you can save a lot of money eating popcorn at home.


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