NYC Just Got a Little Bit Better

The city is always under construction, and, as a long time New Yorker, I get as irritated by it as the next person.  So, for many, many months I have complained inwardly about the work going on along the Hudson River South, down along Tribeca.  This is an area where I run all the time, and I got so tired of it that I started running North to avoid it.

Well… that all changed yesterday.

Yesterday I ventured outside for a run as the sun was peeking out and the temperatures had risen.  I decided to go South for a change of pace, despite the construction.

Boy was I in for a surprise!

Once I passed a short construction area I came upon an incredible new pier.  I was actually shocked that this had appeared, virtually out of nowhere.  The pier is huge, and I ran along the whole thing.  It has:

A skate park,

A miniature golf course,

2 volleyball courts, with built-in viewing chaise lounges,

A children’s playground,

Lots of lounging space, with more and more chaise lounges,

Gorgeous flowering gardens, and

A basketball court.

Hello!!!??? This is what the city is all about.  If you have not come down to the Hudson River in a long time come now.  It is incredible! Yes, the construction is painful, but what is being created is incredible.

Tennis courts,

Dog runs,

A whimsical carousel near Chelsea Piers,

Gorgeous running and walking paths,

Incredibly beautiful landscaped gardens.

If you live here take advantage of this! It makes paying taxes almost worthwhile (so do our incredible public schools, by the way).  From Battery Park all the way up to the George Washington Bridge the renovation has been incredible.  And the Highline, of course, is another fantastic upgrade to downtown living.

I’m heading out there again today… and every day… until it gets cold again.

Then I’m moving to Malibu.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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