The Seven Year Itch

Did you know that the average American moves every seven years? This is a little known fact, and one that has driven my decisions to take 5-year ARMs when I buy new property.  Why pay 15 or 30 year fixed rates when it is unlikely that I will stay put for that long?

I am no exception to this rule.  I have been in my current apartment for six years now and I am starting to get antsy.  I want:

New space,

more light,

a fresh beginning.

You know that I am really into throwing things away and giving things to charity, but there is nothing like moving to get your place cleared out.  Normally everything that was in cartons or a storage unit has not been touched or even remembered until the day your movers come.  That is when you know that it is time to get rid of it!

I just listed a great 3 bedroom near City Hall Park for customers who I sold to…

seven years ago!

I just had lunch with a close friend who is ready to list her place and move.  I sold her the place in Tribeca where she lives now…

eight years ago!

If you average in my six we are at:

seven years on average!!! See? I told you the average American moves once every seven years.

All of us want to stay downtown.  All of us want a lot of space, light, amenities.  We have all if not most of those things now but we still want to move! I know people who have lived in the same house for 30 years and I wonder… why? Moving is so much fun.  It is a new adventure.  It’s like getting a new haircut and highlights all in one day, only better, much better.

Now I just have to find somewhere for all of us to go… so I have to go.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to The Seven Year Itch

  1. A bit about storage rooms — most of what people store is stuff you don’t want in your house. Just got my husband to auction and donate the remaining contents of his childhood home — mostly “junk” to me and hopefully “treasures” for someone else. Boxes and boxes of circa 1950s dinner and tea sets — enough to feed 800 people –art we don’t want on our wall etc . All were stored in a huge room in midtown for 10 years –what a waste! Happy not to be writing those checks anymore.

    BTW — I’m someone who pulls the 7-year average down….

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