Don Hill’s Out of Biz

You are hearing it here first, and I am not happy to be the bearer of bad news.  Don Hill’s is “Out of Business”.  Last night the music was blaring and the club was packed, as it has been seemingly every night since Don died.  Today the club is closed, apparently in bankruptcy.

Everyone (including me) thought that the new infusion of capital and cool was going to keep the club alive and thriving, but no.  After only seven months the club is deeper in debt than ever, and the doors have been shut.

Wonder what Ponte will do with the space? Another club? Doubt it.  We could definitely use an upscale gourmet shop in the neighborhood… that’s for sure.   If someone opens a gourmet food shop there I promise to buy a lot of stuff from you! You can hold me to that.  I’m tired of FreshDirect.  I’m tired of driving to Whole Foods.  I want to walk next door and pick up dinner, or a bagel, sandwiches for the boys, cappuccinos, fresh fruit, salad bar.  You stock it and we will buy it!

Don, I know you would not be happy about this, and somehow I think that if you were still sitting on your stool your club would remain open.  Today is the perfect “Don Hill Day”.  You walk (or ride your bike) past Don Hill’s, and there is Don, sitting on his bar stool in front of the club, taking time to say hello to everyone who passes by.

It’s hard to believe that the club is out of business.  It was busier than ever these past few months, and they spent virtually nothing fixing up the club.  They just added some more grafitti to the walls, some inexpensive seating, and updated the bathrooms a bit.  How do you go bankrupt doing that? It couldn’t be the acts.  There was nobody there who would have cost a lot, was there?

I’m confused.  I’m upset.  The neighborhood will never be the same.

Oh no… I was just told that condos are going up.  Good or bad? Good or bad? No gourmet food shop now, that’s for sure, unless there’s a commercial space on the ground floor.  Anyone know anything? I will buy there… great neighborhood! Just no Don Hill’s next door.  It would be cool to live where Don Hill’s was though, don’t you think? Kind of like the old Mud Club building on White Street.


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4 Responses to Don Hill’s Out of Biz

  1. Rockneverdies says:

    Don Hills closed because the owners of the property did not want to write a new lease. They are going to knock down Don Hills and build condos. Its prime realistate. It has nothing to do with anything else.

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