My Jewish Easters

Yes, I am Jewish, but we always celebrated Christmas and Easter when I was growing up.  We didn’t celebrate them in a religious way… we just took the fun parts and used them.  We had a Christmas tree every year, with toys galore piled up underneath.  We decorated the tree with ornaments and tinsel — the whole nine yards.  I even saw Santa Claus one year after he was delivering our toys.  I caught a little glimpse of his fat red behind as it left the den that housed our beautiful tree.

Easter was a candy fest for us.  We didn’t “do” the egg dying part.  We just did the delicious candy hunt.  Our two acre yard in Great Neck felt like a park as we ran around searching for and collecting enough candy to fill a trick or treat bag.  The Easter Bunny would hide his treats everywhere… under bushes, on windowsills, inside the cars in our garage.  It was a veritable chocolate feast every year.

One year I was very sick and would not be able to hunt outside for my Easter candy.  I was extremely upset, as this day was one of the highlights of my year.  Not only was I sick, but I was going to miss out on all that delicious candy too.

My mother took me into the bathroom for a sponge bath.  Apparently I was too sick to be immersed in water.   A sponge bath would refresh me without causing me to plunge into the depths of higher fevers, maybe even hospitalization.  I stood valiantly as she cleaned me off, feeling weak and very sad.  Why did I have to be sick on Easter? Oh why, oh why?

When I came out of the bathroom dressed in a freshly washed and flowery nightgown I saw the gleam of metallic paper next to my tissue box.  The Easter Bunny had visited my room during my sponge bath! I looked at the window and could have sworn I saw a little furry tail hopping out to the yard.  There was candy everywhere! Under my pillows, in my drawers.  I don’t think I had ever found so much candy myself in a single Easter.

I believed in the Tooth Fairy too, but I’ll save that story for another day.

Happy Easter everybody, especially little children around the world who are hunting for candy eggs.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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