European Tourists and Other World News

Soho is filled with foreigners.  Nobody speaks English.  They walk around aimlessly, blocking a busy New Yorkers path.  They stand in the middle of the sidewalk, three abreast, looking at maps and trying to get their bearings.  They are in all the good restaurants, all the good shops.  Some tour guide has taken them to the right places.

It doesn’t even feel like Spring yet, but the streets are teeming with travellers.  We get a little taste of what’s to come this summer when we can’t move down the street, wishing we summered elsewhere full-time rather than just on weekends.

Why is the weather in London so gorgeous when it is so miserable here? Doesn’t London’s weather typically mirror ours with just a bit more rain and gloom? What has happened this year? My friends from London tell me daily that it’s 73, 83, almost too hot.  They are tanning at the pool, luxuriating in the brilliant sun under clear blue skies.  This has been going on for over a month already. 

London is gorgeous.  No rain, sunny, very warm.

New York is dank, chilly, rainy almost every day.  A hint of sunshine and blue sky is enough to send everyone running indoors to quickly change into open toed shoes and shorts, or to dash over to the park to get a quick run in before we find ourselves bathed in gloom again.

What does this all mean? The weather in Europe is gorgeous but the Europeans are here, crowding our depressing, chilly, windy streets.  We are here with the tourists, while the weather over there is gorgeous.  Will we never have a nice season again? Spring is almost halfway over and we have only had about two nice days.  It’s almost December 21st, 2012.  Is the world as we know it really about to end or will New York City be the only city transformed in some catastrophic way? We seem to be on the brink of something.   

I think it’s time to move to Malibu before the entire city explodes.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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