Sock It To Me

Oh where, oh where have all my socks gone?

Every time I have done a load of laundry since I left for college I have lost at least one sock.  I never lose a pair.  If I did I probably wouldn’t realize it.  However, when I’m folding my clothing, there is always a sock that stands alone.  A single sock.  A sock without a mate.  Where is the other sock?

I check the washer — nothing.

I check the dryer — nothing.

I check behind the washer and dryer — nothing.

I check the sides… you get the point.

My sock has lost its’ mate.

I don’t lose underwear or stockings or t-shirts.  Only socks.

When my housekeeper comes in and does a bunch of laundry she puts away everything in its’ respective place.  Except the single socks.  Yesterday there were two.  Two totally different socks from two different pairs, both sitting sadly on top of the washer.  If I leave them there they pile up, but they never find their mates.  The other day I threw out six single socks.  I just couldn’t stare at them looking so sad and lonely every time I opened the door to my laundry room.

Oh where, oh where are my socks disappearing to? If I save the singles they never find their mates.  I am going broke buying socks.  I bought my son twenty four pairs of socks for camp last summer and he came home with about twelve pairs.  They all had mates, because all twenty four pairs were the same to begin with, but I guarantee that if they were numbered I would have learned that many of them had lost their original mates and ended up with someone else.  Socks are easy that way.  If they lose one mate they move right onto the next, as long as they match.  But not if they don’t.

I think I’m going to buy Sock Stock.  I will be a very rich old woman.

Sock it to me baby.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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