Gwyneth Kills it Again

My idol Gwyneth Paltrow was on Rachael Ray yesterday morning.  She has a new cookbook.  What can’t she do? She is so adorable.  She makes a mean chicken dish, lightly breaded, garnished with fresh arugula and cherry tomatoes (one of my favorite things to cook too), which she makes child friendly by cutting the children’s portions into Chicken McNugget-like pieces.  How smart, right? She makes a low fat, low calorie mayonnaise like condiment for her turkey burgers.

Anyway… you know I think she’s adorable.  I love her as a beautiful young mom, though I can’t stand her children’s names, especially Moses, but I guess Apple is equally bad.  She is so fresh and bubbly and always seems so happy.

My son met her outside of Nobu in Tribeca when he was five years old.  He had let go of his new balloon and was really upset, as it was caught in scaffolding and he couldn’t reach it.  Her date at the time was quite tall and reached up and got it for him.  Gwyneth flirted.  He came running over to me, starstruck, possibly in love for the first time.  He still remembers it. 

She has star power.

When asked about her eating and exercise habits she admitted to being like the rest of us.  She eats what she wants (doubt it), and exercises “like mad” for 90 minutes, five times a week.  She laughed and said that she wished she just had one of those crazy metabolisms where she never had to workout, but she doesn’t.  She always looks great. 

I’m going to rent her recent movie “Country Strong” On Demand soon and then I’ll review it!


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