Matzo Anyone?

Getting ready for Passover.  I’m up early, starting the matzo ball soup — a request by my children.  I have to make two pots; one with chicken broth and the other vegetarian.  My daughter has been a vegetarian for a long time now, and she’s very serious about it.  She used to love a good burger.  Actually, she lived for a good burger before she became a vegetarian.  She was a total carnivore.  But she has been a true veggie for something like five years now.

What else am I making?

Potato pancakes ( yum yum!),

Turkey (yum!),

Asparagus, and

Green beans.

That’s all I have to cook.  The rest is being brought over:

Brisket by my boyfriend’s mom,

Gefilte fish from Zabar’s,

The Passover “plate” being brought by a friend of hers, which is good because I don’t even know how to do that, nor do I have “the” plate, whatever that is exactly.

The charoset (I didn’t even know how to spell it so I just had to look it up) is also being provided by her friend, who, by the way, went to sleepaway camp with my mother when they were 12 years old! She has the photos to prove it.  They were wearing mini shorts (hot pants) and my mother was rebelliously smoking a cigarette.

She’s also brining cranberry sauce, which I thought was a Thanksgiving food, but I said yes anyway as it does go well with turkey and my boyfriend loves it.

I am doing dessert, but I really don’t have to cook that.  I will be cutting up fruit though, as a healthy option to macaroons (double yum, especially the ones covered with dark chocolate, which I am serving).



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