Flower Power

Stopped at the Flower District on my way home today.  I wanted to buy flowers for the seder so my apartment would look inviting and smell great.

I always thought that you got good deals in the Flower District.  Maybe I’m missing something.

The flowers weren’t that nice.  Most places only had planted flowers, and I wanted cut flowers.  When I finally found a shop with cut flowers I selected a whole bunch of them and I asked, “How much?”.  I love a good negotiation.  One of my best skills as a real estate person is negotiating.  I am good at it.

“$92 so far,” the guy behind the counter replied.

“92 what?” I asked.  No way it could be $92.  Didn’t seem like 92 cents either though.

“92 dollars,” he replied.

“No way,” I said.  “I can’t afford that.”

It ended up that a bunch (12 to be exact) of really beautiful little green hydrangeas that I had picked up to use as “accents” were $4 each. 

“Those are $56,” he said.  Twelve times four equals forty-eight in my book, but whatever.

“That’s crazy,” I said, putting them back. 

“How much is this?” I held up a big beautiful green hydrangea.

“Five dollars.”

Sold.  Guess those little darker green hydrangeas are really rare or something.

When I got home I started upwrapping the bunches of flowers.  The first bunch of little orange roses started falling apart.  The petals dropped all over the counter and the floor, the leaves weren’t attached.  I guess that’s why they were in the plastic wrappers.

Anyway, the flowers look nice, but not as nice as I expected.  Maybe I missed something, but the Flower District didn’t seem inexpensive and the flowers weren’t particularly plentiful, nice or healthy.

Any tips? If not, I’m going back to the Korean Deli.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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