Do You Scoop?

It’s Sunday, so I’m finally going to write my bagel blog.  Yes, this was “given” to me by a friend earlier this week… credit where credit’s due.

How do you eat your bagels?

This is what I do when I buy bagels in bulk to keep at home:

First I cut the bagels in half, and put them in freezer ziploc bags.

When I’m ready to eat one I take it out of the freezer (obviously… otherwise I’d be eating in the freezer),

Each half goes into the microwave individually for 22-23 seconds,

I scoop thoroughly,

I toast lightly.


This is a foolproof way to serve delicious almost fresh bagels every day, if you don’t live next to a bagel store.

Flagels are awesome too.  They are like scooped out bagels without the scooping.  The only problem is that most places don’t sell them and if they do they’re usually not whole wheat or multi-grain, which is all we eat. 

So listen up bagel store owners, please make whole wheat flagels, multi-grain flagels, whole wheat everything flagels, whole wheat sesame flagels, whole wheat poppy flagels… there is a void in the market! Get ready to smear on the lowfat cream cheese, slice the ripened tomatoes, and add a little salt and pepper. 

It’s Sunday.  Enjoy your coffee, your now perfectly prepared bagel, and the Sunday New York Times.  Pass the real estate section please.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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