I Don’t Care About the Royal Wedding

I have no interest in the Royal Wedding.  Most people I know have no interest in the Royal Wedding.  Maybe if I was British I would care, but probably not so much.  I’m happy for Kate Middleton, as she seems like a lovely young woman who has stood by her man’s side for years and years while people scrutinized her and wondered if he would ever pop the question.

I really don’t care about:

Her clothes,

Her wave,

Who’s invited.

I do love her ring though.  It is a beautiful engagement ring.

This wedding is the kind of media fiasco that drives me crazy.  Really, who cares? I have to try and make some money today.  I’m on my way to the gym, then showings from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., then a conference call with a new customer at 5.  Parenting to do.  Dogs to walk.  The Royal Wedding? Not so high on my list of priorities.

Would you believe that the wedding is being broadcast live all day on major U.S. networks? Why? Don’t people have more important things to do all day? How can this be “all day” newsworthy? Our world has become a media fiasco. 

Sometimes I wish I lived in a cave.  My husband could hunt for food (though I do love shooting a bow and arrow) while I tended to the children and cooked.  I could plant and forage for vegetables.  As long as I lived somewhere warm I think it would be okay.  I don’t think there was Facebook or the internet when cavemen and cavewomen lived.  No cell phones.  Sounds refreshing and very “in the moment”. 

I wish them well, Kate and Prince William.  Why wouldn’t I? Not that they care what I think.  I liked Princess Diana a lot, but I felt sorry for her because clearly she was in a loveless marriage and had a ton of problems.  It seems like Kate and William truly enjoy each other’s company, and that is key to a happy union.   Also, Kate doesn’t seem bulimic or depressed or insecure like poor Princess Di.

Ta ta.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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