Smart Homeless Man

While waiting for my twentieth subway of the day this afternoon, I was playing a word game on my kindle.  It’s one of those scramble games where you have to make as many words out of a series of letters as you possibly can.

I had most of them, but I was missing a few.

A homeless man had been sitting beside me for about five minutes as we waited for the 1.  I had noticed the scent of alcohol aftershave emanating from him, but he seemed relatively clean and sane.   “Concede,” he said.  Then, getting more excited, he said more loudly, “Look it’s concede.  C-o-n-c-e-d-e.”

He was wrong.  It was actually a 6-letter word that I was working with, and I had already found it, but hey… concede is not a bad word, and he had never played the game before.

As the train pulled up his parting words to me were, “Does the game come with that?”, pointing to my kindle.

“Yep,” I told him with a smile.  “It’s the Amazon kindle.”

Don’t underestimate the people who live on our streets.  Many of them are smart and well-educated, but things got in the way, opportunities didn’t exist.  It could happen to the best of us.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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