Me and My Bicycle

My bicycle and I are on the road again and we are both very happy about this.  Today I saved 30 minutes getting to and from a showing by riding my bicycle rather than taking the subway.  My bike is:

Environmentally friendly,

Extremely slow and ugly so nobody steals it — ever — even if I don’t lock it up.  This is in direct opposition to my son’s bicycles which keep getting stolen because they’re nice.  The trick is to ride around on a really beat up old bike that nobody else wants.

Healthy.  Riding it is definitely great exercise, especially because it’s so slow and bulky.


I love riding my bicycle and we will be driving around town together from now until November hopefully (weather permitting of course).  I take it to all of my downtown showings.  I ride with my boyfriend and my son (and occasionally my daughter).  We’re a two wheeling family.

See you on the Hudson.  Remember, I’m the one wearing high heels.  Ring your bell if you see me.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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