“Grey’s Anatomy”: The Musical

I was kind of scared when I read and heard that “Grey’s Anatomy” was airing a musical episode.  It sounded really strange and not in a good way.  However, I love the show and have respect for their writers, so I tuned in the other day (tivo’d version… can’t deal with commercials at all any more).  They have always played great music, which they definitely showcased in this episode.

It was really well done! The actors all seem to have great voices, particularly Sara Ramirez (Callie), which isn’t surprising since she has appeared on Broadway in musicals, Chyler Leigh (Lexi), and Kevin McKidd (Owen).  Maybe they aren’t all as good as they sounded on t.v. (there is always remixing, right?), but overall it was a great change and I applaud “Grey’s Anatomy” for continuing to be innovative and entertaining every single week.

By the way, doesn’t it seem like every single cast member has had sex with every other cast member? It is one big incestuous family at Seattle Grace Hospital, dont you think? I do like the fact that regardless of appearance, the show does not discriminate.  Everyone has sex, no matter what they look like (other than the poor virginal intern who will probably die from old age before she manages to get laid).

Great bands: Snow Patrol, Anna Nalick, The Fray and Belinda Carlisle, to name a few.  The episode was great but should definitely not be repeated.


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