Do Over

Well, I could lie and say that my self-imposed Jewish Lent is going according to plan but it isn’t.  It started off well yesterday.  My trainer was actually the first and only person to support my decision to stop drinking for 40 days.  He doesn’t drink so he totally “got” it and thought it was great.  We discussed what he drinks when he goes out (water or Red Bull, depending on his mood), and what I might drink (iced tea, club soda with lime) over the next 39 days.

Nobody else was being supportive.  Several friends were telling me I would have to fall off the wagon when we go out next week, I was being reminded of a wine tasting one of my friends is having soon, yada yada yada.

So anyway… I went out to meet my friend for dinner and when I arrived at the restaurant the bartender told me that it was $5.99 martini night, all night.  Now, I don’t drink martinis, but the whole concept sounded good to me.  What I really wanted was a glass of red wine, and the only kind on special was only discounted by a dollar and not even a blend that I enjoy.  My friend and I discussed this for a few minutes as he order a pomegranate martini for $5.99.  Should I drink or shouldn’t I? He thought that I should drink as Passover is coming up and I will want to drink at Passover.  True, I agreed.  Surely quitting drinking for 40 days after Passover made more sense.  Why was I doing this at the wrong time of year? And why was I doing it anyway? I never drink more than a couple of glasses anyway.

Ahhh… I had some red wine.  It tasted good.  It was relaxing.  I enjoyed it.

Honestly, I think 40 days is way too long to try to give up drinking as an initial test.  Maybe if I had set out to quit for a week it wouldn’t have seemed as daunting and I would still be alcohol free.  My trainer will be disappointed, but he will understand.  I may try another self-imposed test again on the day after Passover, so keep tuned.  Clearly this experiment was a bust, unless you’re a scientist proving a thesis, because clearly the thesis was easily proven here.  

Question: Can I quit drinking for 40 days? 

Answer: No.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to Do Over

  1. Nice meeting you last night. A good practice that I have been able to sustain: No drinking Monday-Thursday—with the exception of last night!

    Hope to see you soon

    • mallorylayne says:

      It was great meeting you too! That is a great practice. Typically I don’t drink 4 out of 7 nights either, though the nights vary depending on when my children are with their dad. My friend Al liked you but Andrea says you have a boyfriend… true? Let’s get together again with Andrea one of these days… maybe with our daughters too.

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