Trump for President

For as long as I can remember, when the name Donald Trump is mentioned you often hear very negative remarks.  I have been a Donald fan for a long time.  Anyone who can self-promote the way he has deserves some praise.  Anyone who can create and maintain success the way he has deserves some recognition.  Who else has virtual cities of buildings with their names (and nothing else) emblazoned all over them?

He makes mistakes.  He fixes them.  He starts over.  He’s an innovator.  He isn’t always right but he keeps plugging along.

When I first heard that Donald Trump was thinking of running for President I didn’t believe that it was true, but apparently it is.  This may not be so bad folks.

Donald Trump:

Has raised some incredible children and this says a lot.  They are brilliant, polite, hard working, ivy league educated.  Although they were raised in priviledge they were always expected to work hard and were not spoiled.  Look at Paris Hilton… it doesn’t always work out this way.

Is a brilliant businessman.  He has built and sustained an empire.  Our country could certainly use some economic help right now… nobody can question that.

Is a fabulous personality.  He has top television shows.  He has gorgeous wives.  He has even made his hair famous (not that I see a lot of people copying it, other than on Halloween).

Does he have political experience? No, but neither did Bloomberg and he has been a pretty strong mayor for our city.  Yes, I know, President of the United States is a lot different than Mayor of New York City, but still guys… I would vote for Donald Trump in one second if the race was between him and Obama.  I would feel a lot more secure having Trump make decisions for our country, particularly in regards to the economy and foreign relations.  We gave Obama the benefit of the doubt and we are now in a big old mess.

I say, “Bring The Donald on”.


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4 Responses to Trump for President

  1. westwood says:

    Have you checked into his political views????

    Goodbye women’s rights, LGBT rights, family planning, environmental initiatives… hello corporate tax cuts.

  2. Priya Singh says:


    Bloomberg runs New York city like a corporation. Have you noticed that? New York city has become a big shopping mall. A circus. A caricature of it self. He is the endorser of a materialistic culture that is royally fucking this city, it’s inhabitants it’s children. And the citizens have to pay for it all.

    Yeah, The Donald has had a series of beautiful plastic wives, he always bounces back but dammit! I don’t want to see him as president. He would make more of a joke of this country than it already is becoming.

    Now a days who can afford to live in New York except Europeans, wealthy business men and trust fund kids? All the artists and the creative people are moving out and that tells you a lot about what is happening here. We don’t need the Donald to create a shopping mall out of America. More than it is any way.
    NO to the Donald.

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