Real Housewives of NYC Return

OMG is all I can say.  If you thought they were vicious last season just wait.  I mean really… how can you trash each other continually and not think that you will be found out? If they’re not looking (and listening) over your shoulder (as the new un-housewife Cindy was in the first episode) they will certainly see and hear it when they watch the show.  Are you women stupid?

It is actually incredible that such attractive, intelligent, successful women continue to subject themselves to these television shows.  I guess that on some level they are craving:

More money,


Endorsements, and

More invitations,

but at what price?

Here are my feelings about each of the Real Housewives of New York City:

Jill: I met Jill years ago through a mutual friend in the Hamptons.  She was not yet married to Bobby, but they were dating seriously and she was truly enjoying this and all that came with it (a rented yacht for the summer and a new Jaguar convertible for example).  Jill was warm and humble and adorable.  She has definitely moved “up” socially since then, and this show has certainly contributed greatly to that, but she doesn’t seem happy.  She is always fighting with someone (i.e., Bethenny, Alex) and she can’t keep her mouth shut.  Although she thinks of herself as a nice person she still cannot refrain from saying horrible things about the other women (i.e., Cindy being too old to have birthed her twins).  Jill – you know they are going to find out.  Why do you keep doing this?

Ramona: Evil! She is playing Alex and Jill against each other although she claims to be good friends with both of them.  She actually enjoys watching both of them squirm and fight as a result of her antics.  Ramona has a successful business, a gorgeous husband, and a beautiful/smart/talented daughter.  She would be better off not appearing on t.v.  Her eyes make her look like a crazy woman half the time, and she comes off as too old for her bikinis/modelling gigs/drunken dancing and flirting.  She was cruel to a series of young women who came into her office to interview for Assistant positions.  With a young daughter of her own, and all that she has, why can’t she be gracious?

Sonja is not too bad.  The best thing about her is that she refuses to put her daughter on camera, and I love this.  It was a condition of her joining the cast last season, and you have to respect that she puts mothering first.  She is definitely a bit too verbal about her sex life and plastic surgery for my taste, but overall is is A-okay.  She comes across as human and still hurt by her divorce, if not a bit crude and rough around the edges.  I like the fact that she stays out of the drama! Question: how does someone who was married to a J.P. Morgan heir end up filing for bankruptcy?

Alex: Hate her, hate her, hate her.  Hate her looks (she’s now a model!), hate her house in Brooklyn, hate her husband, her children.  Guess I’m not a big Alex fan.  I never liked Alex and Simon, though they do seem to have a great marriage.  Their boys seem extremely spoiled, and the couple are serious clothes/publicity/invitation whores.  Alex clearly has tried to “move up” the social ladder by joining this show, but at what cost? She can never keep her mouth shut and comes across as bitter, petty, and jealous… the know-it-all kid in elementary school that told the teacher on you and then told you that you deserved it.  Yuck! Wish she would disappear.

LuAnn: Like her! She is pretty and was also cheated on and left by her older husband.  She was adorable with her song debut (terrible, but adorable), and her dating is cute too.  I love that her new boyfriend adores her and makes her feel gorgeous and loved.  She deserves it after being cheated on and dumped by the old Count.  Her children are sweet and beautiful.  Overall she remains a lady and does not get involved in all of the petty drama.

Cindy: Cindy seems like a perfect Bethenny replacement.  She is the 40-something single mom of twins and a serious entrepreneur, owning Completely Bare hair removal spas.  She lives in the West Village, so now there are two downtown members (yay!).  Too early to tell about her, though she is already upset with Ramona, who was bad-mouthing her best friend/business partner brother on the premiere.  Good luck Cindy! You seem too nice to be on this show, but maybe it will help you grow your business.

Kelly: I love Kelly! She is gorgeous and seems really fun.  She has a great sense of style and what appears to be a great life.  She lives in Soho with her two precious daughters.  She keeps out of almost all of the show’s drama, which I really respect.  It seems like she actually has a life and doesn’t need this show to create one for her, so she doesn’t go to a lot of the events that the others attend.  I loved when she said that Alex would “attend the opening of an envelope” on this week’s show.  She is really witty and funny.  Last season she was made to look like an insane person having a nervous breakdown, but I wonder how much of that was just editing.  She seems a lot saner than Alex and Ramona for sure for sure.  All Kelly needs is the perfect man to fill out her adorable little family of girls.

Bethenny, you were so smart to leave the show and start your own.  You are married now to a man who adores you.  You have an adorable baby, a flourishing business.  Who needs all of this? Clearly not you.  I say “bravo Bethenny” (yes,pun intended).


I must say, I enjoyed the first episode and will definitely be back for more on Thursday night! Good job Bravo.


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6 Responses to Real Housewives of NYC Return

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Did you ever get any of my other comments?

    • mallorylayne says:

      I have written back to you before. Why do you ask LeeAnn?

      • LeeAnn says:

        Never got a response. Maybe I just went to the wrong site.

      • mallorylayne says:

        See below. I just responded here. That’s all I know how to do.

      • LeeAnn says:

        By the way, to me, Kelly is the imbecile of the universe. She can barely annunciate. Have you ever watched “Bethanny ever after?” Now there’s a smart, funny as hell woman; who is completely self made, and has wisely chosen a great, cute, loving guy as her mate. Their kid is freakin’ precious…I don’t hate Alex, but she looks like frankenstein, and the sooner Simon comes out of the closet the better…:)

      • mallorylayne says:

        I don’t know how much is Kelly being unintelligent as it is editing. How can we really know that with any of these shows? Yes, I like Bethenny too and I’m hoping that Cindy fills her shoes on the show.

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