Giving it up for Lent, Jewish style

So, I’ve decided to conduct a personal experiment.  Yes, that’s right, I am conducting an experiment on myself.  After years and years of social drinking (alcohol that is), I am going to give it up for Lent, Jewish style.  I have never been an every day drinker.  I typically drink when I’m “out”, usually about three nights a week.  As you know from Cabo, I’m not a daytime drinker.  I like wine and that is what I usually drink, but when I’m in a Mexican restaurant (or in Mexico) I definitely enjoy a frozen margarita.

What exactly is Jewish Lent? Let me tell you since I just made it up.  I have decided that it will last at least through Passover, and it’s starting today.  Regular Lent is 40 days so I am going to try to stop drinking for 40 days, beginning today.  Today is April 11, 2011, so if I stop drinking for 40 days that will take me through May 20th.

Here are the Pros to my self-established Jewish Lent:

1. I will suffer and therefore atone for my sins. This is very Jewish of me, and I really never do that (atone properly) on Yom Kippur when you’re supposed to so I figure that this should make up for 40 years of Yom Kippurs.  When I was a child I attended temple regularly and definitely atoned the way I was supposed to, fasting and everything.

2. Lose weight without dieting.  Everyone knows that alcohol has lots of empty calories and sugar.  The pounds should literally fall off as I switch to water, green iced tea or seltzer from wine or the occasional frozen margarita.

3. Run better.  I need to kick things up and start training for the Las Vegas marathon and I am hoping that this will help me to run longer/faster/stronger (sounds like a Kanye West song).

4. Save money.  Alcohol’s expensive! Now when I split the check with my friends I can point out that I only had a seltzer while they had a $90 bottle of wine or three $20 martinis.  I’ll be rich! I’ll be one of those women who take out their calculators at the table in the restaurant and figure out my portion of the check, right down to the nearest dollar.

5. Observe more carefully.  Just think of the things I will be able to blog about while I’m not drinking.  While everyone else is getting toasted I will sit back and relax, taking it all in.  Perhaps I’ll start carrying a little electronic notebook around so I can jot down my observations.  Actually, I probably won’t have to jot anything down any more since I’ll be so clear-minded in my abstinence.

Here are the Cons to my self-established Jewish Lent:

1. Same as #1 above.

2. Won’t be able to drink wine at my friends’ wine tasting in early April.  What exactly does one do in a situation such as this? Should I not attend, or go and quietly sip seltzer, softly uttering words like “tannins”, “blackberries”, “oaky” when anyone seems to look your way.

3. Won’t be able to drink wine or frozen margaritas.  Ha ha, that’s a funny one, don’t you think?

4. I don’t really like non-alcoholic beverages other than Diet Coke, which I can’t drink, and Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry soda, which is not typically served in bars.  Maybe I will start carrying around one of those sports bottles, filled with Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry soda.

So, the Pros outweigh the Cons 5/3! Let the experiment begin.  I will keep you posted on my progress.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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