Charlie Sheen Bombs Again

Charlie Sheen bombed at Radio City Music Hall last night.  Only his most diehard fans seemed to enjoy his performance at all, but the overall consensus was that he wasn’t funny or entertaining.  Most audience members felt that they had paid way too much money for nothing.

That’s what you get when you rush out to buy expensive tickets to watch a mentally ill drug addict on stage.  How many times do I have to say that Charlie Sheen needs help, not audiences to watch him as he continues to spiral out of control.

Where is Martin? Why haven’t we heard anything from him? If my child was suffering like this I would be holding an intervention to try and save his life.  Everyone deserves a chance to be rehabilitated, no matter how many times they have failed.  Look at Robert Downey, Jr.  He is a wonderful example of a very talented actor who had an addiction and was able to get sober and remain that way after many bumps along the road.  I think that Charlie’s family and colleagues should rally around him and get him into rehab!!!


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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