“Arthur” Review

Well, first of all, it isn’t the original.  But we knew that. 

Dudley Moore played the title role perfectly, and his impersonations of a drunk were head on.  Russell Brand is cute in the remake, but he never seems drunk.  He seemed a lot more wasted in “Get Him to the Greek”, so I know he’s capable of acting the part, but for some reason here he doesn’t pull it off.

Helen Mirren is perfect (as always) in the role of Arthur’s nanny, or surrogate mom.  She is loving, always in character, the consummate professional. 

Greta Gerwig is likeable as the underdog, but not nearly as much as she was in “Greenberg”, where she truly shone like a rising star.

Jennifer Garner plays her typical role — the dimpled girl next door who has a “dark” side.  She is truly beautiful from the neck up.  Her face lights up the screen and her smile is magnetic.  She is not sexy though, even when she’s in expensive lingerie and very high heels.  Seeing her onscreen validates why she is a movie star in a way that seeing a photo of her in People magazine never does.

What happened to Nick Nolte? He looks truly horrible, but plays the part of Arthur’s sadistic father-in-law to be with raw talent.

Do I recommend it? Sort of.  I laughed out loud quite a lot, especially at the beginning.  The theatre was relatively full and I think I laughed more than anyone else, but I did hear some other chuckles.  So, if you’re looking for something light and totally unimportant I would say go.  But if you’re not a total movie buff I would recommend that you wait to rent it On Demand.

Arthur lives in a gorgeous apartment in The Plaza, with Central Park as his backyard.  He reminded me of little Eloise, all alone with his money and no real love, other than from his hired mum.  Kind of sad, but not all bad.


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