Marrying and Remarrying

Why do some people marry over and over again when they are clearly not succeeding? Here are some reasons that I have come up with for people who are marrying for at least the third time:

1) Parties are fun, especially when they’re attended by all of your favorite friends and relatives.

2) They like wearing white dresses (if they’re women) or tuxedos (if they’re men)… unless they’re gay, in which case I can’t really go into all the different clothing combinations, but you get the idea I hope.

3) They are hopeless romantics, always believing that this time they have found “the” one.

4) Honeymoons are great, especially when you get free upgrades to Honeymoon suites in hotels, free champagne, and other goodies.  When else do you get away for two weeks at a time?

5) Presents! Throw a party and you will get some.  They are fun to open, fun to register for, fun in general.

6) They like getting new rings.  You get at least one new ring with each marriage, and sometimes two (if you are lucky enough to get an engagement ring and a wedding band).

7) They believe in the institution of marriage itself, even if they have not been successful at it thus far.

8) They think that being married makes the relationship more permanent (though clearly it isn’t all that permanent if they’ve already been divorced at least twice).

9) It sets a good example for their children.  Tee hee.  I wonder what our children will be doing when they’re at marriage age.  Will they marry at all? Will they marry once and make it last forever? I think the latter is most likely.  With all that our children have lived through with our extremely high divorce rates, I think they are much more likely to choose their partners for the right reasons and stick with them much more successfully than we have modelled.  This is sort of along the same lines as the fact that younger people are working fewer hours and doing more of the things they really care about than we did, or our parents did.  It is more about the quality of life than the quantity of material possessions.

10) Throwing the bouquet again… catching it always makes somebody happy.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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