Don Hill’s Memorial

Don Hill was laid to rest on Tuesday, and his Memorial Service took place at 6:30 yesterday on Mulberry Street at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.  “Hallelujah” played by Leonard Cohen, and Don’s sister gave a heartfelt speech.

Afterwards the neighborhood would not sleep.  Don Hill’s was filled to capacity with all of Don’s friends, colleagues and neighbors.  Many clutched Heineken bottles in their hands (whether in remembrance of Don’s drink of choice or not is unknown).  Everyone shared stories about Don — what a great guy he was, how much he would have “hated” all of the fuss made about him, how the cause of his death is still unknown.  Some people said that a tooth problem he was having may have caused a heart attack, others guessed at an aneurysm, but the result is the same.  Our friend Don is gone. 

The club was filled with food brought over by his neighborhood friends at Pao and The Ear Inn.  People ran back and forth filling trays for hours.  And the good news is that the club with go on, which is definitely what Don would have wanted.

I would like to raise a Heineken to my old friend Don.  We will miss you.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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