“Nurse Jackie” Review

Edie Falco cannot be bad.  She is incredibly in every role I’ve ever seen her in, from live Broadway theatre in “Frankie and Johnny at the Clair du Lune” with Stanley Tucci (who I will never forgive for dumping her — never!), to Oz, to “The Sopranos” and now “Nurse Jackie”.

Edie Falco is a leading lady.  She fills the screen or stage.  She never disappoints. 

Her role as “Nurse Jackie” is brilliant, and I cannot imagine any other actress playing it better than she does.  Every expression on her face is perfect, every nuanced expression, every whispered profanity.

How crazy is this show? A drug addicted nurse (hospitals are great places for pill addicts to work, right? Just like alcoholics working as bartenders stand a great chance of remaining sober) makes her own rules.  She’s more talented than most of the doctors when it comes to medicine, but quite unruly when it comes to her bedside manner.  She can be the kindest nurse ever, bending all the rules (for example, baking pot brownies and then getting a pot dealer’s phone number for a terminal cancer patient who is only relieved from his debilitating nausea by marijuana), or the nastiest one on the planet (flushing someone’s ear down the toilet because he is a terrible person and she wants him to be severely punished for his behaviors).

Okay… not only is she the master of her universe… the emergency room… she has her own rules when it comes to love also.  The mother of two young girls, married to a hard-working, hands on dad, she removes her wedding band before entering the hospital, and falls in love with the pharmacist in the hospital while he feeds her meds (not to mention quickie love-making sessions) for her aching back. 

Where does she get the energy? That’s what I want to know.  I get tired just watching her have sex and date nights with these two men, not to mention saving lives every day, keeping the rest of the E.R. staff in line, and mothering two young daughters (the eldest of which is not faring particularly well at the moment).

All I can say is Showtime continues to produce some of the most interesting, well acted, beautifully filmed shows on television.  We are lucky to have access to “Nurse Jackie” every week, especially On Demand, so it doesn’t get in the way of our lives as we:

Juggle lovers,

Parent troubled children,

Manage employee relationships,

Hide our addictions,

Save lives, and still

Manage to go out for a 3 course lunch every single day.

I didn’t say it was realistic, though it does feel that way while you’re watching.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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