My Dad Got an I-Phone Before Me!

Is it just because I’m a woman, or is it weird that my dad got an i-phone before me? I have been trying to get an i-phone for over a year, and my father just went out and bought one last week, with no problems whatsoever.

Last year my daughter and I switched to AT&T so we could get i-phones.  We went to the Apple store and bought them and rushed home, so excited to play with our new toys.  Guess what? My building doesn’t have AT&T service.  I called AT&T to tell them that we couldn’t make or receive calls from home and they said that they already knew that and had no plans to change it.  I’m was confused — I still am, in fact.  Why can’t they put service in my building? You should see all the people who live in my building who are constantly standing on the corner trying to get a signal.  It’s crazy.  This is Manhattan, not Sri Lanka guys.  Two hours later we were back at the Apple store, defeated, and then begging Verizon to take us back without penalizing us terribly for our short-lived abduction.

Verizon has me locked.  If I want to buy i-phones for myself and my two children they are going to charge me something like a million dollars to do so.  I have to get out of one contract, into another, have four numbers for three people, use these old cracked phones and blackberries until I’m 79 (like my father).  We are dying here. 

We are dying for i-phones.

April 14th… that is the date that Verizon told me to come back again to get my i-phone without paying all of these penalties.  Meanwhile I can’t take great quality photos on my phones, I can’t pull up amusing apps every five minutes to entertain people, I can’t find my way to appointments with cool maps, in fact, I really can’t even get onto the internet… and if I do, I can’t see a darn thing because I’m fifty and suddenly blind.

It’s April 5th today.  Only nine more days to wait.  I’ll let you know what happens.  I’m not extremely optimistic, though I am warily hopeful.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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