Duran Duran at Foxwoods!

As you know, I was kind of dreading my decision to see Duran Duran.  I thought I liked them, but then when I went online and listened to some of their top rated songs I was not a happy camper.  I decided that I would watch five songs and then leave.

We had eighth row center seats (thanks to my little brother, the Foxwoods exec).  Even so, there were a lot of people dancing and standing in front of us, so we had to stand too or watch on the big screens on both sides of the theatre.  The place was pretty crowded.

Well, they were really good! They have a lot of songs that are great and they played many of them.  Everything was familiar, though I didn’t know all the words like three-quarters of the audience did. 

My favorite Duran Duran songs now are:

“Notorious” (definitely number one!!!), and”The Reflex”.

“Ordinary World” isn’t bad either.

I liked these songs a lot more than their top-rated songs like “Girls on Film” and “Hungry Like the Wolf”.

Overall they were pretty cute.  Simon Le Bon could use a personal trainer, but he was infectiously cute with his British singing accent and dance moves.  I’m not saying I would see them again, but I wasn’t sorry that I went.

Of course they have a new c.d. out, which is probably why they’re touring, but the new stuff wasn’t bad (not that I’m rushing out to buy it).

I got a Duran Duran t-shirt, much to my boyfriend’s horror, and I am going to wear it proudly.


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