Dining al Fresco/Trying on Wigs

I ate lunch outside today! Hoorah!!!

This is the first time I have sat outside at a restaurant in NYC since the Fall.  And speaking of Fall, doesn’t it feel like October rather than April? Where are the flowers? Where are the budding trees?

At Cafeteria today there was a wait indoors… but not outside.  I convinced my girlfriend to sit outdoors with me and it was really lovely.  What a nice change of pace.  No, we weren’t wearing open toed shoes and little dresses, but we were outside (I won’t even mention that she was still wearing her fur coat).

Perhaps winter is really coming to an end.  Wouldn’t that be nice? I actually saw some daffodils outside of City Hall today.  First color of the season.

Guess what we did after lunch? You will never guess:

We went wig shopping!

My friend needs a new hairdo so I took her to a wig store on 14th Street.  For $2 you can buy a head stocking (imagine a knee-hi stocking on your head) and they will let you try on 3-4 wigs (nice of them, huh?).  I thought this would be a good way to show her how she could look with not only a new hairstyle, but also a whole new color.

I think it worked.

I’ll keep you posted.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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