Charlie Sheen Bombed — Are You Surprised?

I was amazed when I initially heard that Charlie Sheen was going on tour and that he had sold out two nights at Radio City in minutes.  Why would anyone want to see him right now I wondered? The man is in desperate need of help — why would people want to watch him while he is so clearly in trouble?

Dumb questions I guess.  Why do people watch Maury? Oprah? Teen Mom? Because they love to watch other people suffer.  Seemingly people feel better about themselves when they see how much worse off others are.  Sad, but true.

Well, Charlie Sheen failed on his first night in Chicago, with most people walking out before the show ended, and Charlie laughing that he already had their money.  He fared better on night two, though it still doesn’t sound like much of a show.  I think it’s really sad that people want to come out to see him when the man is ailing… he has lots and lots of children to take care of… he needs help.  He should not be on stage.  He should be in treatment.  Treatment for drug addiction.  Treatment for mental illness.  By paying our hard earned money to watch him flounder right now is doing him a disservice.  People should boycott his shows until he gets help. 

Charlie Sheen fans are a very bad advertisement for the state of our country right now.  We would rather watch someone fall than help them get well.  What does this say about us as people?

I personally would not pay one penny to watch Charlie Sheen perform until he gets the help he needs (if then… I mean really, who cares anyway?).  I would rather donate the money to a charity that helps addicts or mentally ill people.  Charlie… go home.  Get into bed.  Take some prescription meds to help you stave off your demons.  Talk to a therapist every day.  Surely you didn’t squandor all of your money on cocaine and strippers yet.  Use some of it to get whole.  You are a very very sick man.

If I didn’t feel sorry for you I would think you’re disgusting.  Well actually, even though I do feel sorry for you I still think you’re disgusting.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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