The Unfairness of this Weather

Sorry, but this weather sucks. 

March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.  Well, it came in like a lion and now it is going out like a bigger, wetter lion.  Nor’easter tomorrow? Hello… tomorrow is April 1st, and seriously, having a Nor’easter on April 1st is a joke, but in a very very bad depraved way.

It is raining today.  It is supposed to be a Nor’easter tomorrow.  It is supposed to rain almost every day next week.

Do you realize that it was a perfectly gorgeous winter in Southern Florida? The nicest winter they have had in years? What does this say to you? Well I’ll tell you what it says to me:

We live in a very bad weather zone! We should all move to Del Ray Beach or L.A. immediately.  Not only do we pay through the teeth (whatever that means) to live here, but we have the worst possible weather to boot.  I love my children to death but I wish I could pack them up now and save them from these cruel cold NYC months.  High school isn’t that important surely? A little home schooling would probably do them both good, don’t you think?

Why do I own a convertible? I have not been able to take the top down in over six months!

It is Spring you know.  Does it feel like Spring to you? I am still running around town (running because I’m freezing to death and trying to get out of the rain) in a fur coat and gloves, boots on every day.

Tomorrow night we’re going to a “hot” new restaurant and my friend wanted to know what we’re wearing.  The reviews say to wear your highest heels and your shortest skirt.  I replied, “Uggs and a down jacket.” I am so tired of carrying my sexy heels in my bag so I can do a quick switch with my Uggs when I check my fur coat, my hat, my scarf, my gloves, my umbrella (which just blows inside out anyway).

California here I come…

Not really.  Just dreaming as I stare out the window at the rain for the 180th day in a row.  Even Grandpa won’t go outside today.  He is barking and barking and I don’t blame him.  I feel like barking too.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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