My Happy Light is Sad

My Happy Light is depressed.  He has been for days.  He told me.  He has been shining on me since October and he’s tired.  He thinks it’s time for him to be in the closet, resting until next winter.  I told him I’m sorry, but I need him.  We are both depressed.  We hate grey weather.

My dog Grandpa is depressed too.  He told me this morning.  He wants to go outside in our garden and romp around, but he hates the rain. 

My Happy Light, my dog Grandpa, and I all want to move to L.A.  We were watching David Duchovny drive in his convertible Porsche the other night on “Californication” and we all agreed that there’s room in that car for the three of us.  Didn’t it look so appealing when the show ended the other night and he was driving along? There was not a cloud in the sky.  In fact, the sky was pink and orange and blue.  It was gorgeous. 

I am checking rates on every fifteen minutes.  I must go somewhere with a pink sky and no clouds.  At least 75 degrees.  Sunny.  Someone needs a visitor.  My friend Lorrie in Del Ray or my dad in Las Vegas or a lovely hotel in L.A.  Don’t you think? I need three cheap seats. 

One for me.

One for my dog Grandpa.

One for my Happy Light.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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