Orthodontia Today

Today was a milestone in my daughter’s life…

She got her braces off! Yay! While I was sitting in the office waiting to take her back to school, I saw her files and realized that it was eight years ago this month that she first visited the orthodontist.  So I’m not crazy — it didn’t just feel like I had been taking her there forever — I have been taking her there forever.  She has been undergoing orthodontia for almost half of her lifetime.

Her orthodontist is great.  His name is Elliott Moskowitz.  Guess how we picked him? I was given five cards for different orthodontists from our pediatric dentist, and my daughter wanted to choose the one she liked best.  She didn’t go for the business cards that had pictures of children with braces, or bright balloons.  Rather, she went for this one because she…

Liked the name Elliott! I kid you not.

He is great.  He’s a scientist and a scholar.  He has treated over 10,000 children.  He has been in the business almost 40 years.  He really stays on top of things and you pay once.  Whether your child needs braces for a year or for ten years he will charge you the same price.  Also, he will not treat your child if he or she doesn’t need treatment.  My son has been to see him numerous times over the past eight years and Dr. Moskowitz repeatedly tells him that he does not need orthodontia.

Honest, smart, and nice.  That is our orthodontist Elliott Moskowitz.  He has become a friend over the years.  I always look forward to seeing him.  I won’t have to miss him yet, because now my daughter has a retainer, or two or three.  Not really sure.  We’ll find out when we go back…

in three weeks.

If you see a gorgeous young woman, without braces, walking around Western Soho, say “smile”.  I’m sure my daughter will be happy to oblige.


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